Workshop and CMS Special Session on
Representation Theory of Groups, Lie Algebras, and Hopf Algebras
Regina, Canada, May 31 to June 4, 2012

Sponsored by:
The University of Regina's Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
the University of Regina's Faculty of Science, and
the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.

Dates: May 31 to June 1, 2011
Location: University of Regina Campus

Special Session:
Canadian Math Society Summer Meeting 2012
Dates: June 2, 3, and 4
Location: Regina Inn and Ramada Inn, Regina.

Representation Theory Workshop and CMS Special Session Achive

Workshop Presentations:

Gaston Garcia (Cordoba): Elements of representation theory of Lie algebras
Leandro Cagilero: Weyl modules and the Schur duality for GL(n)-Sn
Michael Lau: Introduction to affine Lie algebras
Bhama Srinivasan: Modular representations of symmetric groups - an overview ;
Bhama Srinivasan: Modular representations of finite general linear groups - an overview
Walter Ferrer: Invariant theory, Differential Methods vs. Integral Methods, Observability
Sonia Natale: Introduction to Hopf algebras and tensor categories

CMS Special Session Talks (in alphabetical order):

Murray Bremner, The fundamental invariants of 3 x 3 x 3 arrays
Leandro Cagliero, The classification of uniserial sl(2):V(m)-modules and a new interpretation of the Racah-Wigner 6j-symbol
Paolo Casati, Simple representations of simple Lie algebras remain Indecomposable restricted to some Abelian Subalgebras
Gerald Cliff, Representations of GL(n,R) and Sp(2n,R) where R is a p-adic field or a finite local ring
Hubert de Guise, Some indecomposable representations in physics
Hader Elgendy, The universal Associative envelope of the anti-Jordan triple system of n x n matrices
Gaston Garcia, Lie racks of type D
Michael Geline, Knörr lattices for elementary abelian p-groups
Roderick Gow, On tensor products with the Steinberg module
Nicolas Guay, Coideal subalgebras of quantized enveloping algebras.
Xiangqian Guo, New irreducible modules for Virasoro algebra
Gerhard Hiss, On the Chevalley property of a finite-dimensional group algebra and its Drinfel'd double
Michael Lau, Representations of Twisted Forms
Mark Lewis, Counting characters in blocks of solvable groups with abelian defect group
Sonia Natale, Extensions of tensor categs
Jose Pantoja, Weil Representations of the groups GL*(2,A) and SL*(2,A)
Rachael Quinlan, Real elements in covering groups of elementary abelian 2-groups
Bhama Srinivasan, Graded representations of GL(n,q)
Anna Stokke, Global crystal bases and q-Schur algebras
Ryan Vinroot, Semisimple symplectic characters of finite unitary groups

Conference Photo: Taken on the University of Regina Academic Green, with Regina Fire Department practicing rescues from the top of the Campus Residence Towers in the background, on June 1, 2012.