Math122–003 Linear Algebra I, Fall 2009

Lecturer: Dr Robert Bailey, College West 307.12.
E-mail: click here (make sure you put "Math122" in the subject line, or it will probably go unnoticed).
Telephone: (306) 585-4088.
Office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday 3.00–4.30pm, or by appointment.


Course information

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1.30–2.20pm, Classroom Building 110.


Tutorials for the final exam will be held on THURSDAY 10th and FRIDAY 11th December, from 12.00–2.30pm, in ED489.

Lecture summaries

Click here for summaries of the topics covered in each lecture.


Click here for details of assignments and solutions.


Click here for copies of test papers and solutions.

Final exam

This will be on SATURDAY 12th December, 2.00–5.00pm, in GYM 2.


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